Extra Credit: One Homeless Student's Journey

Photo courtesy of YCTeen Magazine

Photo courtesy of YCTeen Magazine

When you are homeless and don’t have a stable living situation, it’s hard to focus on yourself or to do anything well.
— Amya Shaw

A record 115,000 New York City students live in temporary housing, according to state data published by Advocates for Children. At some schools, more than 40% of students are considered homeless. To better understand the challenges homeless students face and how best to support them in the classroom, we sat down with Amya Shaw, a high school senior who has lived in and out of shelters since she was nine years old.

You can read a text version of Amya’s story at YCTeen.org, where it was originally published.

To learn more about the homelessness crisis, check out Advocates for Children and Coalition for the Homeless.

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